The Christine House involved an original fibro beach shack being stripped back and reprogrammed to make better use of the existing space & position on site. The removal of an existing double shed was critical to our design strategy and allowed the living spaces to be re-orientated towards a new north-facing lawn. The new deck and timber stairs facing the lawn provide a warm spot for a coffee in winter or an opportunity to cheer on a family game of cricket in summer. Part of the original deck was reclaimed to create a designated dining space that still allows you to feel like you’re out on the deck with the doors open. From the street, the roof line of the original house was retained and mirrored in the form of a new workshop. The workshop and front yard address the street with an element of transparency that encourages engagement with the neighbourhood rather than providing a buffer from it. This was important as our clients have a strong and active relationship with the local community. An element of privacy is still maintained however through a new entry path which separates the workshop from the house and leads you down towards the formal entry porch.



  • Completed 2017