Hill Ave House


Located on a very narrow site with street access from both the top and bottom of the site, this house cascades down the slope towards the north. The design focuses on views to the ocean and distant city skyline on each level. The building addresses local council height limits, with sculpted timber framed openings to maximise views, while providing privacy from adjoining properties.

The angled building form continues within the building to create a range of internal spaces. This includes a pool and pool deck hidden within the building, a sunken lounge deck with an outdoor fireplace and living areas with a raised timber ceiling. The master bedroom and study level has openings toward the main distant views while also opening up towards the treeline view above. (www.pua.com.au)

  • Completed as Project Architect while working for Paul Uhlmann Architects.
  • Project Team: Paul Uhlmann & Justin Humphrey


Completed 2017

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